Saturday, May 21, 2011

a week of backyard bird fun ...

This guy is just the sweetest little bird... White Crowned Sparrow. I think that they are just passing thru on their way back up to Alaska. We've had 4 of them visiting us for a few weeks now... soon they'll be gone...

He sits on the rail waiting for breakfast to be served. These birds wont go to the feeders.. They are quite shy.

We have 2 pair of Baltimore Orieos this year. These fellas just sing their little hearts out.. Yes, they really are that orange..

The Orieo and Downy Woodpecker will share ..

This guy is a real treat... Rose Breasted Grossbeak. The pair have been visiting all week.. The female is not a very showy little girl, but what she lacks in beauty.. well.... who knows...
All this bird activity has me inspired to pick up the needle felting. The weather has finally turned today, and I will be dyeing some roving for sure.


  1. You take the best backyard bird pictures!

  2. I agree with Karen!!

  3. Hello Birdy...You are a bird whisperer, for sure. As I gaze at your beautiful photos I am reminded that you have such a magical life...also, that new snapshooter was a great investment!
    Have silly cheep-cheep fun, Jody

  4. Look at that rose breasted grosbeak.
    So pretty.
    Like that metal birdfeeder too.

  5. Oh how birds do sing to my very soul.
    Not to mention your needle felted birds on the right singing to my very heart.