Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oscar, where are the treats?

Ok, so it's been a not so grand week here, but in the scheme of things, this was pretty minor. You have to realize, that out of 69 days here in Michigan, 49 have been with measurable precipitation ( 5 inches fell yesterday), so when I grabbed my sweatshirt to take ol' Oscar Boy out for a walk between the raindrops, today, this is what I found... note to self... "never leave liver treats in your pocket"....


  1. Hello Pat...That Oscar is a mischeivious little fellow.

    Have silly pockets-full of tasty doggie-snacks,

  2. Was that Oscar or a mouse! Looks like Oscar is doing really well and loves his mommy!
    sorry I had to leave this anonymous, google is not letting me post

  3. We have one dog at our house and whenever there is an "incident", we always say "that was some OTHER dog, we don't know who, but it was THAT OTHER dog" . . .

  4. Kids they always find away to get into trouble. ;0)