Wednesday, May 11, 2011

heading on out to Philly....

It's been a very busy week here, but I am tagging the last of the tinies, and then will sit in the sun for a moment, and make another list. I'm very good at making lists, and it keeps me a bit more focused when I have so much to get ready before leaving for the BIG convention. It will be such a great weekend, seeing old friends, and making new acquaintences... hope to see some of you there...


  1. Hello Pat...I am eager to see all of your fuzzy little pals that you are bringing. Now go out into the sunshine and do a little dance.

    Have "Hooray, I am going to a Teddy Bear Picnic" fun, Jody

  2. Oh I am loving those naked bears with the pretty necklaces!!
    Enjoy the Teddy Bear Picnic weekend!!

  3. Wishing you much success in PA. Love the little ones in the photo..just gorgeous!

    :)Wishing you a lovely day,

  4. Safe journey and we'll see you soon. :0)

  5. Wow Pat... what a wonderful selection of bears you brought, wish i could have been there.. thanks for the photos
    when is your next update?

  6. hi there JaRae,
    not sure when the next update will be...probably around the end of June.. everyone loves the $th of July, right??? any specific wishes????