Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm sitting back today.. it was such a great showing of doll and teddy bear art... and now I realize that less talking and more picture taking were in order! We had such a grand time for 3 days of convention, followed by a Great Show on Saturday. There was soooo much to see, and little time to get out from behind my table...

Here is a listing of some of my favorites...

  1. Denis Shaw

  2. John Paul Port

  3. Jody Battaglia... oh so fun!!!

  4. Cindy McGuire.. I so loved her elephants....

  5. Geri Williams... great needle sculpting!!!

  6. Sharon Barron

  7. Francisco Carreno

  8. Joel Hoy

  9. Nancy Latham ... great dolls

  10. Christy Frimage

  11. Karen Obrien

  12. Steve Schutt

  13. Joan Woessner

Such fun... seeing old friends and making new.....


  1. Looks like a WONDERFUL SHOW!!!! :)

  2. It was so nice meeting you. This was my first bear convention and I bought my first mohair. I'm ready to make an artist bear! What I experienced with every artist I talked to was that they had a story to tell. I learned so much.

  3. Pat,
    Sounds like it was a great success! Love all the pics and Thank You for your list of some favorite artists, going to look them all up!
    I am hoping this convention will continue!

  4. Pat it was so wonderful to see you!!! :0) I wish the show had been longer and that we had more time to talk with you and Jody. I love the piece you made for the auction to bad we missed that part.

  5. Auction!? That would have been really fun to see!

  6. See the Blue bear on the side bar, go Brian!
    gee it sure looked like a wonderful day

  7. thank you for sharing, i love the 2nd photo, can you tell me whose work is it?

  8. and looking forward to see some new bears @ your website :)