Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

A trip to the farmers market never fails to bring smiles to all who enter this world of lushness. It's been a cold and blustery week here in Michigan, and today was no exception, but here at the market, dressed in warm coats, hats, scarves and gloves, it made me think.... well, ok, it made me say to myself... May Day.... really???? When I was young, May Day was always a special kinda day. We would make little paper lace cones, fill them with flowers, and hang them on special folks front doors, ring the doorbell, and run like crazy...yes, really, this actually did happen way back then... so here I am, ringing your doorbell, wishing you all a Happy May Day.


  1. Hello...And Happy May Day to you. It seems that your April showers brought May flowers. Is it correct to assume that you are longlingly looking out your window and wanting to play in the dirt even though you have a show coming up? Ahhh...the great debate!
    Have"Time tho make the Teddy Bears" fun, Jody

  2. Even in Texas, May 1st and 2nd is windy, rainy, and in the 50s-we call that COLD here.

    But Happy Spring, Michigan!