Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've been finding it difficult to work lately, and decided to make up few fun little fellas in honor of the season. The birds are everywhere in our yard right now, and it pleases me to sit and listen to their chattering.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

just more.. HOT.

It's just another scorcher here today.. so am staying in after a brutal walk early this morning... I did snap this pic as it looked cool and inviting as I filled up the bird bath for my little friends.. stay cool anyway you can everyone.. I'll be inside working on a few more orders..

Monday, July 18, 2011

oh toooo hot..

Yesterday got the best of me. It ways almost too hot to think. I finally decided that the only way to cool off way to visit our local county park. Only 3 miles away, and I havent been there since they installed a small water park.. a number of years ago.. Ok, it wasnt Lake Michigan, or the Atlantic, but it did the trick. The smell of hot dogs and suntan lotion was just like I had remembered it.. ahhhh, summer.. hoping that there will be a break in the weather soon tho..

It's just toooo hot, and with no rain for the month of July, things are looking parched..

Friday, July 15, 2011

dew magic...

I love having the luxuary of mother nature on my side at this time of year.. I have this huge bin of antique childrens clothes that I hold all year waiting for the perfect time to remove spots, that are impossible to get out any other way. I've purchased some remarkable vintage clothing for bears that were stained so badly that I would take pity on them, and add them to my bin. Yes, it's true, I do have this vintage clothing problem, but somebody loved them enough to get the stains on them, and I.. yes, love them enough to give them a second chance, by taking the stains out and giving them a new life on a bear..
The sun will bleach out some stains, but the real magic is the "dew" You have to know when there will be a heavy dew at nite, followed by a sunny day.. It wont work if the next day isnt sunny.. My mother in law passed this on to me years ago, and I laughed when she told me... BUT, after trying it, I became a believer..
So here's how it goes...

  1. hand wash your garmet

  2. lay it out in the evening after the sun goes down..It has to be wet. remember, there MUST be a heavy dew, maybe not when you lay it out, but later on that nite ... like after a good rain, or when there's moisture in the grass(after you water).. ANd also remember, the next day has to be scheduled sunshine...

  3. When the sun hits the damp dewy clothes, voila....

  4. I leave them lay for the rest of the day (unless it's dark colors)

These clothes were all so badly stained..and now they just perfect.. thank you mother nature...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what's new this week...

I've been very busy here in the studio.... will be sending these out to Earth Angels soon.. and also...
pulling treasures for the Junk Bonanza in September.. so much to do.. no time to garden.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

dog days are here.. is this what they mean..

It is true, we do not live on a lake, or even a small pond, but we do have fields in which a good dog can roam to find his own ways to beat the heat on a warm day in July..I just turned my back for a brief moment, and voila.. a very proud and happy green dog... I'm not certain which is worse.. eating deer condiments, or rolling in them... hmmm..
Living in the country with well water always poses a slight problem.. our water is soooo cold... so after much fangling, I hooked up the hose thru the laundyroom. Not a bad hot summer day project... just one that I hadnt planned on.

Yikes, not in my ears...
Much betta..

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th to you all

Last nite we visited a local fireworks display. Yes, these certainly are amateur photos, but it was very fun and pretty buggy... nothing better on a hot summer nite. I love everything about the 4th Of July.. the patriotism, the red, white and blue, the freedoms that we should never take for granted, and of course the food.. Have a great day everyone....