Saturday, July 9, 2011

dog days are here.. is this what they mean..

It is true, we do not live on a lake, or even a small pond, but we do have fields in which a good dog can roam to find his own ways to beat the heat on a warm day in July..I just turned my back for a brief moment, and voila.. a very proud and happy green dog... I'm not certain which is worse.. eating deer condiments, or rolling in them... hmmm..
Living in the country with well water always poses a slight problem.. our water is soooo cold... so after much fangling, I hooked up the hose thru the laundyroom. Not a bad hot summer day project... just one that I hadnt planned on.

Yikes, not in my ears...
Much betta..


  1. Oscars much smaller then I thought! Just too tempting all that good smelly stuff just begging to be rolled in! He does look much better as a fluffy clean doggy!!
    Tammy S.

  2. I also thought Oscar was huge, like a wolfhound!
    But that face, that hair. Oscar is very very sweetly handsome.

  3. Julie,
    small dog, big heart...thanks goodness he's not wolfhound size.. now that would be a bathing debaucle.. also am home cooking for him per vet suggestion to help with his continuing ear infection.. it's very painful for both of us..

  4. What a sweetie! My terrier found these hard shelled slugs in the yard last year. she pops them and then rolls in them..nasty sticky yellow stuff..ugh i usually end up "bathed" also! LOL