Friday, July 15, 2011

dew magic...

I love having the luxuary of mother nature on my side at this time of year.. I have this huge bin of antique childrens clothes that I hold all year waiting for the perfect time to remove spots, that are impossible to get out any other way. I've purchased some remarkable vintage clothing for bears that were stained so badly that I would take pity on them, and add them to my bin. Yes, it's true, I do have this vintage clothing problem, but somebody loved them enough to get the stains on them, and I.. yes, love them enough to give them a second chance, by taking the stains out and giving them a new life on a bear..
The sun will bleach out some stains, but the real magic is the "dew" You have to know when there will be a heavy dew at nite, followed by a sunny day.. It wont work if the next day isnt sunny.. My mother in law passed this on to me years ago, and I laughed when she told me... BUT, after trying it, I became a believer..
So here's how it goes...

  1. hand wash your garmet

  2. lay it out in the evening after the sun goes down..It has to be wet. remember, there MUST be a heavy dew, maybe not when you lay it out, but later on that nite ... like after a good rain, or when there's moisture in the grass(after you water).. ANd also remember, the next day has to be scheduled sunshine...

  3. When the sun hits the damp dewy clothes, voila....

  4. I leave them lay for the rest of the day (unless it's dark colors)

These clothes were all so badly stained..and now they just perfect.. thank you mother nature...


  1. Thank you for sharing this simple, natural solution.

  2. Wow!!! I'm going to use that with some of Silas' clothes.

  3. You amaze me...I do believe you are Mother Nature's niece...
    Have silly almanac-like fun, Jody

  4. I think the mice come and wash while no one is looking.
    p.s. except the owls

  5. Thanks for the tid bit. I do have some vintage baby clothes that have stains I couldn't remove. I will try your Mom's remedy. My hubby will think I am kooky but what else is new? LOL! Hope you see you and your side kicks at the Country Living fairs. Take care u! xo