Monday, July 18, 2011

oh toooo hot..

Yesterday got the best of me. It ways almost too hot to think. I finally decided that the only way to cool off way to visit our local county park. Only 3 miles away, and I havent been there since they installed a small water park.. a number of years ago.. Ok, it wasnt Lake Michigan, or the Atlantic, but it did the trick. The smell of hot dogs and suntan lotion was just like I had remembered it.. ahhhh, summer.. hoping that there will be a break in the weather soon tho..

It's just toooo hot, and with no rain for the month of July, things are looking parched..


  1. Hello Gidget...Did you prance around the lifeguard stand? How about your surfboard? I am glad that you got to run away from home and finally get a chance to put on that bikini of yours...
    Have silly getting the sand out of your towel fun, Jody, your suntan-less friend in Georgia

  2. Any chance that was Kent Lake park?
    My grandparents use to live on Dixboro Rd. in South Lyon and when we visited in the hot summer they would take my twin sister and I to Kent Lake.
    The water was SO COLD-at least to two Texas girls!

  3. Hi Dawn,
    I've been to Kent Lake alot. Nope,this was Independence Lake.. It's even closer to us... I think you would find all the lakes up here are pretty tempid right now, as I'm sure you could literally fry your breakfast eggs on tany sidewalk..Heat index yesterday... 114.
    Maybe not so hot by Texas standards?

  4. No, I think Michigan wins right now Pat.
    Our heat index is in the 105-106 range.
    And, typical for Michigan and north central Texas-neither location can boast of a DRY heat!

  5. Dawn...It is not a dry kinda day here in I'm sure not in Texas either.. stay cool...