Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's coming together...

At last, I can say that it's looking pretty stellar in my studio.. I took a bit of a break to unpack a few Holiday decorations, you know to get me in the spirit.. so much to do. It's a brighter and cheerier space, and for that, I am pleased. This is a snippet from above my work space. It really makes me smile when I look up and see all their little faces.

Getting things out for the Holidays, and working on some fun needle felted penguins. Such fun....


  1. Oh Pat, it looks very inspiring, and your killin me with that bluebird tin////

  2. Hello Pat...Let's get together and play "Let's Pretend." You are the envy of this peer. Now go down there and make some happy stitches.
    Have "life is good" fun, Jody

  3. Love the new work area.... it's beautiful!!!

  4. What a wonderful place to
    OK, even a great place to sit and dream.