Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A few Scenes from Friends in Christmas Show

Meet Paul Gordon. He is such an amazing artist, as well as a very gracious host. Here is a lovely grouping of some of his treats..
And this is my good friend Leslie McCabe. She is a spectacular textile and jewelry artist. Her work can be seen at Earth Angels Toys This is Jody Battaglia.. Her work is the best, and it will always make you smile. Thanks Jody for making the road trip so much fun.

Dara is also another favotite of mine.. Why did I not get close-up shots of her great jewelry.. check her out. You may also see her work on Earth Angels site.

Allen Cunningham's work is sooo spectacular.. it's all in the details, wouldnt you say.


  1. eye candy! I want one of everything in my stocking this year Pat! ~
    looks like you had a wonderful time, thanks for showing your pics :)

  2. All of them are stunning! Thanks for sharing these beautiful designers!

  3. I am absolutely wishing I could have been there!

  4. Everything was beautiful!!! I wish I hadn't been busy that weekend... other wise I would have made the drive.

  5. I hope Paul has a show next year. Looks like it was awesome! Love those dolls in the frames!

  6. Very,very nice.
    I like this.
    Me encanta vuestrop trabajo.
    Muy bien realizado y original
    Mis felicitaciones.