Friday, November 4, 2011

changing of seasons inside and out...

Call me a bit crazy as this November rolls around, but I know it's coming... the darkness that seems to envelope my whole world, and leave me a tad bit hoo hoo. So this year, I've taken a new stance... meet it head on and merrily count the days down until there is more sunshine and light.. thus I am redoing my studio.
First of all, let me say...never try to spraypaint your countertop.. Yes, I know, it sounds like a quick solution.. just change it from dark and gloomy, to white.. did that... oh my, it was soooo NOT a quick fix.. do not believe those spray cans that tell you.. "will cover any surface.." I should also tell you that my good natured parter, Tom, also told me "no, no".... so now he has ever so patiently ripped off the old, and installed a new white counter, new and brighter lighting, and with that pretty fabric (shown above), I have made some nice under the counter curtains,and how nice is that checkerboard floor. It's looking much brighter in my world today! More on this tomorrow.


  1. I feel so in tune with what you said here Pat, I get a bit hoo hoo too!!! I try to surround myself with lots of things which make me feel warmer(lots of bright happy colours) and this year I have decided to buy a light box which simulates natural sunlight, i'm hoping it will help me to cope better.
    love Vicky xxx

  2. Well Vicky, I have one right in my work area.. I really do think that it gets me through the gloomy days.. hope it helps you too...