Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween fun in a small town

We live out where no trick or treater's ever come, so my friend invited us to join them for a bit of a change.

See that pretty woman there with the long hair...this is my friend..

ahhh, yes, this is a better photo of Kristen. She is dressed as a very pregnant woman... actually, she didnt need a costume, as she is due in 5 weeks...check out her very handsome dog, Hudson.. he is a rescue dog, and oh so sweet.

these are two of her children (the two on the left)... my favorite kids in Michigan!

Of we cannot forget about Mason.. he came up with a very impressive costume all by himself.. we had a splendid nite.. I hope that yours was as much fun.

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  1. I love your friends house! All the spooky costumes are fantastic! Thanks for the wonderful pics. Congratulations to Kristen and family a new baby how exciting!