Saturday, June 4, 2011

what's up around here...

The bluebirds are busy raising their young, after a marauder tore down their first nesting box. There's always so much to do here in the spring, before the heat of the season sets in and plants don't like to move around anymore than I. These are some of my favorite spots to sit in the early morning, and it is here that I make more mental lists of things that need moving, or little rooms that need creating.. This year, we are taking on a huge project... the fence... I have been wanting it grey for so long, and now that we actually need to replace some boards, it's a perfect excuse... Any one who would like to grab a brush and help... it will be a full spring, summer and fall project, and Oscar hasn't volunteered.


  1. Hello Pat...What's that you say? Marauders? I don't like the sound of that. Should I send Pip to the rescue? You had better lock your doors tonight.

    Have silly cautionary fun, Jody

  2. Good Monday...what a peaceful place you have --a perfect setting to sit & think & contemplate that next project.
    And blue birds --- sparrows won out at our farm (again) this year -- but we won't give up...will just add more nesting boxes and keep hoping.