Thursday, June 30, 2011

My project from the Cape

We had such a busy agenda whilst at the Cape. I just now finished my "whale clutch"
This was my first attempt to make a vinyl tote.. I took photographs and re sized them for this bag, and lined it with another paper.. The papers are sandwiched between the vinyl..The sides and bottom have a nice little gusset in them.. Voila my own personalized tote! How cute is the little sailor fella peeking over the bag.... he was a very generous gift from Jody Battaglia...I love him Jody, thanks so much...
Here's the flip side of the tote....
but of course, my 2nd attempt became more elaborate..this one has gussets too with more Soapine kids and whales on the sides and bottom gussets. These are old trade card ads that I find so charming... very appropriate for Cape Cod, dont you think. I hope that Jody will finish hers soon, as she's going to Japan and her collectors will want to see her sporting her new clutch with her amazing characters on it.

Rosanne made a wallet (smart gal), as she did come a few days later in our vacation.. As for slacker Leslie, well, we're still waiting to see what she finishes.... but then, she was pretty busy making us all kinds of muffins... thanks so much Leslie... I had such a great time..
Inside is lined with the sweetest paper with scroll and birds.. I'm quite pleased with my project..


  1. Hello Pat...My goodness...your "clutch" turned out great. I really hope to finish mine before my trip. Thank you for sharing your good taste and charm with us. I think you could start a new enterprise with your bags.

    Have "whale of a bag" fun, Jody, the Slacker

  2. your presentations of prints and graphics as great as Murphy's bear, it's such a pleasure to read this over and over again.