Monday, June 13, 2011

It's that time of year when the yard is filled with the amazing fragrance of peonies and wild phlox. I love their aroma, and smile knowing that these peonies have continued to bloom although their original home has been gone for 15 years. In making room for development, this lovely old home was torn down, and memories lost forever... but not the peonies and other spring flowers. My friend and I dug alot of flowers out of there before the bull dozer came and leveled the grounds. It was two days well spent..... If anyone would like some of these blush peonies, I will be digging them in the fall, and would gladly share...


  1. they are amazing!
    hooray for you for preserving them too.
    I see love in a mist in that boquet, is that not the greatest named flower ever?

  2. I would love to plant some Peonies. Have heard they have the best smell ever!

  3. I love Peonies I have six bushes in our side yard and every year they bloom I think of my Grandmother who loved them. I don't have the blush color .... I'd love to add it to my collection Pat if you have enough to share. :0)