Tuesday, June 28, 2011

home again, and then some...

My trip to Cape Cod was beyond fantastic, and I am still processing it all...but an hour after returning home, I jumped back into the car for yet another trip to a different airport about an hour away to pick up our daughter Kindra and our 4 year old granddaughter for a very exciting visit..... That said, there's just so much I would like to share...BUT... as my last post was about this amazing Lemon Lasagna, ( which we ate it in Cape Cod ), and then again for Kindra's visit, I thought that I should share that Oscar was also just as fond of it as we all were... in fact, these are photos of the very sleepy fella just after consuming 3/4 of it off the kitchen table... I only wish that I had captured him standing on the table eating it.... not a trustworthy guy when it comes to food... but come on, off the table? So much for the Dog Whisper'er in me.


  1. Hello Pat... I have missed you in BlogLand (wherever that is)...As for Oscar...He is a fellow with a highly sophisticated palette. I would jump on a table for that dish.

    Have "Jumping back into your life" fun, Jody

  2. LOL..... He looks stuffed. :0)

  3. Pat what a wonderful dog.
    have you forgiven him?