Wednesday, February 24, 2010

too cute

Well, I have been accessing my fabric situation and have come to the conclusion that one never has enough fabric. I do scour the internet for fabrics, and here are some that I lost out on the other day on ebay. They went for an extraordinary price, and the largest piece was only 13". So needless to say, I will not be incorporating them into baby Claude's quilt.
Now for some of you that have been asking about fabrics, and where Jen and I might shop... We do fun fabric shopping when we're together, but that is not often enough...sooo...a great place is Purl out of NYC. They have just about any fabric that a person could ever need or want. Another good site is Reprodepot Have fun with those sites... you might want to grab a nice warm beverage as you might be there for awhile...
The snowball quilt is a fun project. you may get the "How To" book on Amazon.
Well, enough information for one blogging adventure... have fun exploring


  1. Pat... it's to bad you missed out on these beauties... the red cat fabric is fantastic. I know how it goes with fabric.... I have a whole closet full of it. I've actually slowed down a bit on my purchases as far as fabric goes. I look at it now and think I'll die before I get to use all of it....LOL. :0)

  2. I also love the cat fabric. the bird one is wonderful too! maybe next time
    yep I have a closet full too, slowed down on buying, not that I don't want to just haven't seen what I am looking for in my head.
    Need to get busy and finish the tree skirt, then on to the next project. a kit by American Jane.
    Thanks for the websites and the pattern link to the Bullseye pattern. maybe i will do that one next instead. Just love the pattern

  3. Thank you so much for the websites. I will take a look to see what they have. Claude's quilt is going to be adorable. You have a wonderful variety of prints.