Monday, February 22, 2010

another quilting project

Quilting has always been a true diversion for me, and awhile back I made the Bull's Eye quilt that some of you admired It seemed to be just perfect for baby Claude to hang out on. It's just a perfect size for curling up in a cozy chair,or even better for a baby.
While Jen and I were out and about, we picked out some yummy fabrics perfect for baby Claude's new quilt. I have been saving bits and pieces for some time now, and this is the perfect quilt for using these tiny bit's of yum. It's called the snowball quilt... what an appropriate name, and o' so easy. Check out the sweet fabric that I found awhile ago for the back of the quilt... It surely looks like something that Jen would love... as it turns out, yes, she found the same fabric...wonder what she will do with hers.....great minds run down familiar paths....


  1. Your fabrics are divine!!!
    I can't wait to see the finished piece!!

  2. Love the colors.
    do you happen to know who makes any of the fabric you found?

  3. Your fabrics are fabulous. I am looking forward to seeing the quilt when it's done. I love the fabric you picked out for the back too. Would you like to share where you and Jen shop for your fabrics?
    Have fun creating.

  4. There is nothing like making a baby quilt. I've managed to hand quilt two and half rows on mine. I hand quilt on every side of every seam to make sure it will weather the washing and loving. Have fun with your new yummy fabrics. :0)



    PS... make sure you post photos of it finished. :0)