Friday, February 5, 2010


I am always humbled by the response whenever we have a new website update. Thank you one and all. For those of you that have patiently waited for the site to appear, to those who have been disappointed by losing out on a new love, but still returned, eager to see our latest creations and to those who have returned year after year... a BIG thank-you. It is thru these long distant connections, that we have managed to do what we love, and we have made some wonderful friends along the way.....
This little gal is the only one that hasn't found a home. It's so difficult photographing dark bears , but she's so sweet!


  1. I think Louella is adorable.
    I gave hubby a big hint...

  2. You really can't even see the bear in that pic, anyone can just check out your website, Adorable.....
    I remember being at a Bear Show in the Park in Dearborn, YEARS ago (Jennifer was just a young girl) We had side by side booths.... I use to go by "Patches & Paws" back then.....Long Time has passed ~
    I always Love seeing Yours & Jens Creations, Amazing~
    Keep up the Wonderful work

  3. Pat... as always your website update was wonderful!!! You always manage to create so many lovely pieces. Willa is my favorite... to bad my brain isn't working well... LOL. I thought the update was brain. :0)

    Big Bear Hugs,