Saturday, February 20, 2010

a short visit

Our visit with Jen and Claude was fabulous. We spent alot of time just hanging out. there's nothing like having a baby around. They bring you such joy. Being a "nana" is truly the best!


  1. Look at that sweet angel face.... he is so sweet!!! :0)

  2. Claude is adorable, and has such beautiful blue eyes. He looks like a little cowboy in his polka dot bandana. How cool is that.
    I have to say I love that vintage looking quilt he has to lay on too.

  3. what a sweet lil boy Claude is, he is so adorable!
    I would love a quilt like he is laying on. did you make the quilt? please share the pattern.
    I am now back from seeing my two grand kids.

  4. "Nanas" are the best. Way better than grandmas. I had a wonderful Nana once. She was heaven.
    That baby Claude is so cute! Loving the chubby cheeks!