Wednesday, October 21, 2009

what a treasure

Just when I thought that I had seen all the vintage costumes out there, I ran across this little treasure... well, actually, it's not so cute, but check out what it is made of... yup, it's a little ditty from the 1940's made of mohair. So what was that little one dressed up to be on Halloween nite? Warm for sure... maybe a little teddy bear. Perhaps someone lost a part...

At any rate, it will make an awesome bear.. I do love the vintage mohair. It's becoming hard to find these days. It would just about fit our grandson right now, but he's a tad small for those kind of festivities this year...


  1. That is a great find! Can can just visualize a tiny trick or treater from long ago wearing it with one of those plastic masks! Too cute!

    My dil emailed me yesterday to tell me she was taking my 3 yr old grand daughter and 11 month old grandson to get Halloween pics taken. Josie is going to be Little Bo Peep and Jamison is going to be her Sheep ! LOL

    You are one lucky lady to fins such a treasure!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is awesome. My grandson would be way too hot in that outfit. I can see you making a beautiful bear out of the Mohair. Please share a pic with us when it's completed.

  3. Pat if you decide to make a bear out of this costume. Please share a pic of it

  4. Pat your so right this will make a lovely bear...what a good find too. :)

  5. hilarious! don't cut it. some little one must wear it first.