Monday, October 5, 2009

ollie owl

well here is my first attempt at blogging... I've been loving the needle felting process, and couldn't be happier with this little guy. He is quite proud of the little mouse that he has found, and I am so pleased with HIM, that I've given him his own special little home...


  1. well, well, welcome to blogworld!
    very nice mama!

  2. Pat
    that Owl is great! I think I need one of your owls!
    I Love reading Blogs.

  3. hello Pat,see it was sooo easy to do! love your work! Thank you for the treat and was so happy to finally connect with you at the show, been a fan for a very long time..will add you to my link.. Debra

  4. Oh my! He's fabulous! And I'm certainly enjoying your new blog. :0)