Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pumkins and that cute dog..again

ok, another picture of my favorite dog...but I wanted to share these spectacular pumpkins that I found at my local outdoor market ... they are heirloom varieties, and I just love their uniqueness. ...ok, back to work, but ya gotta love fall , if for no other reason, "heirloom pumpkins"....


  1. I love heirloom pumpkins, need to go get us some. and that little doggy Bobby he is priceless. What a good boy.
    we have 4 doggies, 3 terriers and one cocker spaniel. They are my best buddies

  2. Gorgeous pumpkins, did they blow in from Kansas with the dog?
    What a cutie!

  3. Little Bobby is adorable and posing so nice for the picture. Your right about fall is such a lovely season. We just got our first rain and it's quite windy today too.
    Looking forward to your update.