Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Slowly things are coming together, but I dont know where the time goes.... Here are some of my favorite things today..


  1. Pat
    You can come and decorate my house anytime!

  2. Where did you find that stack of orange building blocks! in the first pic?
    They are really cool

  3. I love the two sweet bear in the chair... did you make those???

  4. The stacking blocs are made by Mr Handyman, aka Tom, with old graphics..Pretty cool, right?
    And the bears in the chair are old..one is an old steiff, and the other one, we cant identify..has a cute old velveteen red nose... anyone out there have any ideas? I'm pretty good at identification, but that one has never shared with us, who he is...

  5. Mr Handy Man Tom
    You are very cool! I didn't know you were so talented!
    Yes the blocks are awesome!