Sunday, January 30, 2011

an outing in Northville Michigan

My friend and I went to the RePurpose store of Cari Cucksey's this week... I've watched her show "Cash and Cari on HGTV . Her store was very fun, and so much to see.
who doesnt love the old doorknobs. I remember the glass one from when I was young. Does that make me ancient....

great use of these tresures, right
would love to go on some of her treasure hunts in this old van.

Cari also had a small section devoted to vintage clothing. My first sighting of Jimmy Choos shoes. They had the originall price tag of $599, and you could snap them up for a mear $359.. not my size, nor my price range tho... maybe next time. All in all, a fun outing that is only 30 mins away. Good to do on a cold day in January.. or anytime, really.


  1. Pat
    Tom and I watch Cash & Cari. Love the show. Thought about you when I watched the show. So did you buy something!
    I would love to make something with those door knobs.

  2. Hi Pat
    Love Cash &Cari, i watch it every Monday!!! you can never have enough vintage...

  3. I just finished watching Cash & Cari from last night. Think so far it was my favorite show. I like pottery, wanted those Red Wing pottery mason jars. My Grandpa worked at Red Wing pottery and most of my Mom's family lived in Red Wing. Brings back memories of my Grandparents