Friday, January 28, 2011

a new face

Well as you all know, January can be a rather tough month for us all, and our house has been much too quiet. This little guy has found his way to Michigan. from a bad situation in North Carolina . His name is Oscar, a 7 yr old PBGV
Oscar is very cautious of everyone, and everything right now, but he makes us smile, even tho he can be a bit squirrlie at times. After two bad homes, I might be that way too..
He has conquered the terrifying stairs after only 5 days, and he can go up AND down now. I haven't been doing much work as he still is afraid of the stairs to my work area, and frankly, well, I think a little down time has been good.. You will be seeing much more of this little guy, so prepare yourselves...


  1. Welcome back Pat, You have been missed. Oscar is looker indeed and I am sure that he is a charmer also. Maybe you should invest in an elevator for him. He is a lucky dog to have landed on your doorstep. I am anticipating your further adventures.
    Have holding on to your leash fun,Jody

  2. Pat
    Oscar is adorable! Thank You for rescueing a pet in need.
    Have you tried standing at the bottom of the stairs to your work area with a few treats?
    I look for to the adventures of Oscar!

  3. Oh how cute!!! Enjoy your new guy!!! Glad he is happy with you!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Welcome home, Oscar.
    You are a lucky pup and I'm sure your Mom and Dad feel lucky too.

    Blessings to all!

  5. Oscar is adorable. It's wonderful you rescued him. I'm sure he's as happy to have his new family as you are to have him. Can't wait to see the adventures of Oscar. ps. he reminds me a bit of Snoopy from Peanuts too :)

  6. Oscar looks like he's going to be a wonderful loving dog. It's so great he's a rescue too. :0)

  7. Hi Pat,

    Congratulation for you and Tom, I love OSCAR!!
    And maybe Oscar doesn't realizing it right now but he couldn't get a better home than your home. Tell him I said so,
    Have funtime with him, hugs dear PAt,
    love you and miss you already in a few weeks, but Jody and I will drink a glass on you, hugs, marjan