Monday, November 22, 2010

todays walk

Today is rainy and unseasonably warm for November, but seeing this little fella on the road was, well.. ok, so what season is this. Perhaps he was looking for a comfortable place to spend the holidays, but the middle of our dirt road was definitely NOT it. He is now residing in a bed of leaves. Ahhh, Pat to the rescue.
I have been working all day today on lots of fun Holiday pieces. I'm very happy with the results and will make pictures tomorrow. After all, I've been busy rescuing frogs .


  1. Pat,

    You are so sweet. I saved a baby Goldfinch this past summer. He had fallen out of his nest that was attacked by some other creature. I put him in an old nest I had saved at home and then placed him in a tree by my house. His parents continued to care for him and it turned out to be a happy ending!

    I'm glad you were there to help this little guy. It feels good to do things to help others.