Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hunt Valley Show

In my fog, forgetting to take pictures of my booth remain a mystery to me...this is the only one I have.... amazing how the brain doesn't function well on only a few hours of sleep. Time gets away from you when you're chatting with customers..
Here are a few teds that came back home...
A sweet little boy came to his 2nd bear show... we love you Silas...
Yummy mohair....
How cute are these mice... made by my Dutch artist friend, Marjan Jorritsma


  1. I forgot to even bring my camera this year. So good that you got a few pics Pat. Loved all your bears as usual was hard to decide, very happy with Cecil and the little bear on wheels.

    I also love Marjan's mice, I bought one before the show. Sailor Mouse dressed in a white uniform.
    Baby Silas was the sweetest, was very nice to meet Theresa!

  2. Pat, your bears are always so beautiful. I love the little one in her hat and scarf.
    Glad to hear you had so much fun.

  3. Pat don't feel bad I was so excited to see you and Wanda I missed a few artist tables I wanted to visit. I'm not sure how it happened...because I walked the room twice. I get side tracked really easily these days....LOL.

  4. Maybe it's baby brain....and Silas says he misses and loves you too. :0)