Tuesday, December 1, 2009

it's all about containers....

I know that there must be a secret or a treasure to be found in all the vintage boxes that have found their way into our home.... I can never pass by a booth with such findings... so in the spirit of giving, this year I am passing on some of my jewels... It only seems appropriate that a soft furry little guy get comfortable in them.. The studio is overflowing in the midst of preparing for the holiday update. although I do need a few more elves to help....


  1. Such a wonderful assortment of sewing baskets, etc. Love them all.
    Looking forward to your Christmas update.

  2. Imagine...
    Hazel, Tim and I popping out of the red triangle container to give daddy-O a big birthday kiss!

  3. Happy Birthday Tom!
    You share a very special day! December 1st was also my Grandson Jamison's First Birthday!

    I can't wait to see the new update of bears in these wonderful containers! I can only look this update sigh.....
    Marjan has been here and stayed with us. Her comment to us was my you do have a lot of Pat Murphy bears !..... LOL yes I do! Very Blessed to have found you and your bears years ago.

  4. To bad I don't live closer I'd be an elf in exchange for good company (that would be you of course) and a good cup of coffee. :)