Monday, December 7, 2009

the forest thru the trees

We are so busy here getting ready for our holiday update... like busy little elves with all sorts of projects.... I will have to put off one of my "favorite things"... putting up all the bottle brush trees that have found their way into our home. It all started out as an innocent "one or two", and now over the years, we have amassed quite a number of them. Later....
Tom with his great eye for detail, has painted up the cutest little wagon... won't someone look spectacular sitting in that little cutie? As for me, I have been on a crazy knitting kick.. one can never have too many scarves... and how cute does a teddy look wearing them?
With all this craziness, one can't see the forest thru the trees....


  1. I love the scarves, dreaming of what they and the bears will look like all tucked in the vintage boxes
    This past Sunday Marjan and I went to occoquan va. what a wonderful little place to shop, she found some bottle brush trees to take back with her. I loved the old time Christmas feel and all of the vintage looking items.
    I think I am going to start a small collection of those bottle brush trees and need the wreaths too

  2. WOW!!! You guys do have a lot of trees...hehehehe... I know how that goes. You start buying just one or two and before you know you've got a box full. I'm like that about fabric... I have a whole closet full and I'll die before I use it all...does that stop me from buying more...oh no. LOL :)

    Also the cart Tom made is sweet and those scarfs... I love scarfs I'm a collector of those too. :)

  3. How exciting to see all the little things that will come together for Friday's update. I love all the scarves and I can't wait to see who is wearing them.
    Beautiful job on the wagon, Tom.
    Thanks so much for the sneak peek. Have fun creating.