Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend in West Virginia... Paul Gordon's Open House

 We all had such a great time this past weekend.. this is one of Paul Gordon's Fabulous creations...
 Deborah Hartwick always amazes me with her timeless works of art...
 And who can resist Leslie McCabe's classic works???
 Kim Stout's lovely work..and some Teds that found deserving homes... just a great time, for sure..more tomorrow...


  1. Pat,
    We had just a great time! Enjoyed all of the artists work. Had a special tour of Paul Gordon's work shop with Allen Cunningham.
    Picked up some new treasures from you and Allen.
    I think the highlight for me was meeting Oscar!
    Next year I plan on being there a day early so we can look thru the shops in Shepard and eat at the Pressroom

  2. So glad that you and Tom could come.. for such a small venue, it's a truely wonderful showing.. It was great seeing you both. Thanks for coming.