Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...

There are so many things that I am thankful for on this beautiful Thanksgiving day. To be blessed with the sweetest grandchildren in the world  is for sure, on the top of my list.. but it should go without saying, that our two daughters and their partners are maybe the greatest gift a parent could ever wish for....As I sit and reflect on this year that has been full of uncertainty for so many, I am reminded that my life is so full. To have such treasured friends that "get" what I'm all about, a great family, and to be enjoying life without aches and pains of ill heath, yes, these are the things that are important in my life... So on this special day, I wish you all: family, my collector friends, my artist friends.. a very special day.  Thank you for being in my life, filling my cup everyday...


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Pat & Tom....Oscar too! :0)

  2. we love you and miss you. hazel has great news for you that she can't wait to share!! hope you're day was super and full. ours was but wished you were here.xoo

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Pat, Tom and Oscar!
    Love the picture that your grand daughter made for you

  4. Hope your Thanksgiving was everything & more!