Tuesday, June 5, 2012

can it be...

A felted Murphy Bear? I've been wanting to make a needle felted bear for some time now, and I finally found just the motivation.. I love this story, and the graphics just make me crazy.. Johnny Gruelle was always one of my favorites back in the Raggedy Ann and Andy days. For those of you who aren't sure... that's a long time ago.
I ran across this book a few years back in a sweet little antique shop in southern Pennsylvania... what a score.. it's taken me 4 hrs to get to this point.. now to tackle his sweet demeanor....


  1. The Little Brown Bear is definitely worth all of the poking with your needle. he is adorable...I can't wait to see him completed....Jody

  2. Your Little Brown Bear is so cute! That is a lot of work!!! I've done a few strawberries, a mouse, and some birdies. Looking forward to seeing the little guy finished!

  3. He is going to be hard to resist when he is finished! He is sweet! I like the little red doggie in the background too, did you make him as well?

  4. He's really turning out just like The Little Brown Bear in the story book! Love him!
    I was wondering about the red doggy in the background too?

  5. Tammy and Jarvie...thanks for noticing. The little red fella has been waiting for me to finish his sailboat.. I'm hoping to have some fun things for a our annual summer web update.. just before the 4th..

  6. Thank you for this sweet little friend today...needed it.
    Just sweet, just sweet.

  7. Pat I've never seen anything like that, really a heart tugger.

  8. Cute!! I really like it!!
    Hugs, Lisa