Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our gracious host Debbee Thibault

Oh how I love all of her pieces, be it Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or just sweet little cuties like the white bear, and sheep.
fairy lights by Debbee

Debbee has an amazing antique Christmas collection.

Leslie admiring Paul's new crown.....a thoughtful gift from Janis.
Jody and Debbee, enjoying Nancy's lemon drops.

While in California for "A Gathering of Friends" ( March 30th blog), we were invited to share a special evening with our good friend and fellow artist, Debbee Thibault. It's unusual for us to have the time to luxuriate in the company of such a special person, and the time seemed to fly by. Her work is as impressive as are her collections, and even though a few weeks have gone by, I can still feel the magic of a very special kinship, from a very kind and generous host. We all thank you Debbee..

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