Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April showers...

Ann Arbor, Michigan (48105) Conditions & Forecast : Weather Underground: Today 70 °F T-storms
80% chance of precipitationTonight
56 °F T-storms
40% chance of precipitationTomorrow
65 °F T-storms
90% chance of precipitationThursday
52 38° F Chance of Rain
50% chance of precipitationFriday
58 38° F Partly CloudySaturday
67 47° F Partly Cloudy Sunday

This is our forecast for the last week of April... I'm glad that I have just ordered myself a new pair of rainboots... shiny red ones. The doves neednt be worrying about a bath today...Mother Nature is taking care of that all this week. At least it's not snow...


  1. Is that a tulip tree , with hyacinths at the foot of the birdbath?
    those fortunate doves!

  2. Hi Julie....No tulip tree... it's a Star Magnolia, just in the nick of time. It blooms oh so early, just when you think that spring will never get here. It has pussy-willows on it all winter(yes, really), and they turn into the flowers.