Sunday, August 22, 2010


Vacation is all about taking time to do things that you might not
take time to do in your normal ( I have too much to do) kinda day. I started these socks a year ago, and never quite found the time to finish them... and who can go around wearing just one sock
, especiaaly with fall just around the corner. So, with needles in hand, they went to the north shore with me. I do know a special kind of gal that could help me out, as I had to do some ripping out one one of the socks, and then.... well, I had lost my place on the pattern. (This is why I normally only knit scarves). Can anyone out there relate to my inabiltity to know where you are after you've let a knitting project go for 6 mos. And, to top that off, I had been knitting awhile on the wrong page on my pattern.....sooo... my expert instructor, aka , Jen, helped me find my way to finishing the 2nd sock. My other foot thanks you Jen!


  1. Cool Socks!! Yep that Jen Girl has real talent and so does her Mom :)
    you know some socks with matching scarf like those would look great on a bear...

  2. HOT SOCKS! i received the instructions in the mail yesterday! thanks Mom.

  3. What great socks pat. Of course us california girls only wear flip flops1 even during winter! xoxo peace love & happiness Lori Martin