Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Cape Cod Adventure

who doesnt love this porch? It's one special enough to loll away the day on...
Our finished paintings..thank you Diana for the great instructions! my favorite place to shower....
the lobster-roll gals...
dont these margaritas look fab. thanks so much Mark!

Our time in Cape Cod was superb! Time seemed to fly by, as it does when you're in Never-Land. Our days were full of laughter, lolling, and lots of lobster rolls. If you've never had the opportunity to shower in the sunshine, it's the best! ahhhhh, summer...... I will include the Cape Cod dogs in another episode.


  1. Lobster rolls! sounds yummy! Those blueberry drinks looked delicious.

    Very curious as to what is a cape dog!

  2. You ladies look great! I bet you had a great time! Your cheeks probably hurt from laughing and your bellies probably hurt from all of those lobstah rolls! Jodi, you look marvelous!

  3. the three of you look so happy. It makes me smile to see you all having such a good time.