Friday, June 25, 2010

Art projects- Cape Cod

Sweet little needle felted fellas by Jody and Leslie
it was pretty fun playing with paints
Look at intent on becoming painters...

would ya look at all these fun projects we did.. loved the felt zipper bags project! Thank you Jody.
These pretty posies were Leslie's inovation, and on a vinyl zipper fun!
We had such a great time.

We were ever so busy everyday in Never-Land, aka Cape Cod... we learned some painting techniques from master painter, Diana Card and some special felt projects from Jody Battaglia. We all had some fun needle felting some birds, and now Jody has an even greater respect for those long dangerous needles... You may find all of our work at Earth Angels website.
All in all, it was a fabulous 10 days with great friends...

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  1. Everything that you made looks lovely!!! It looks like you all had a great time....who wouldn't with great friends, good food, beautiful surroundings, and fun projects to work on. I know it would be pure bliss for me.