Saturday, March 6, 2010

We have taken to celebrating birthdays over the course of 7 days.... yes we have "Birthday Week", and it's become quite the way to also usher in spring. February was a banner month for snowfall with a record breaking total of 37.3 inches. You can understand why "Birthday Week" is such a necessity after that much snow. Along with all that snow is the sunny-day deficit. We also have a shortage of sun in the winter, so when my birthday week was 5 full days of sunshine and 40 degrees, I was out enjoying every minute....
I smelled the roses... I jumped rope(in the sunshine with no help from Bobby )... fabric shopping.... knit my socks and a Farmer's Market extravaganza..
All in all, a splendid week... Spring fever I certainly do have... but I am rejuvenated.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful week long Birthday Celebration!!!
    Farmers markets are so much fun! We have a couple that are close to us, not sure when they open again.
    Those socks are beautiful!

  2. It looks like your birthday week was full of fun and wonder. :0)

  3. it's jen's birthday week now!

    i love the photo of you jumping rope. we've found non-snowy ground now too.