Monday, March 29, 2010

I've been collecting a few things for little Hazel's Easter basket.. This is some special tape from the Fabric Bar that I thought might divert her attention away from the special chocolate bunny that will be standing proud and tall in the vintage basket. Remember those cute Easer baskets from the 50's? Well, I do have a tiny stash of them, and thought I would fill it for her. Baby Claude is too small for year maybe. I have a few little handmade chicks that will go very nicely in there too.. What goes in the baskets these days? Guess whatever one likes. We've decide to take a trip to see what that nice weather in Minneapolis is all about... Happy Easter everyone.


  1. those are cute!! I bet Hazel will have a great time with the fun tape!
    Enjoy your kids!!!!
    Happy Easter to You and Tom