Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby Claude magic and Silver Bella fun

What fun traveling with Jen and baby Claude to the Silver Bella event in Omaha. I went as the nana/aka/nanny.... such fun getting to know that little bundle of joy. Jen was there teaching her magical classes.. I had a chance to check out a very unique group of teachers. Each and every class looked like such fun.... but Claude and I had much more fun going for walks, and checking out Old Market area... I did attend the vendors nite, which was many goodies to tempt one....all in all, a very fun weekend..


  1. What great pictures Pat
    especially of Jen and little Claude !!! He really is adorable. I am a long distance Grandma too, so I really know how special spending time with Claude was for the both of you.

  2. Pat it looks like there were lots of goodies to be had...and that grandson of yours is such a cutie pie. :)