Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring..... oh my gosh!!!!!!!

It"s difficult to imagine that spring is actually here!!!  I began decorating a bit, here and there, and much to my surprise, I am missing a whole box of bunnies... oh where oh where can they be, I ask myself at 2 am...
and I roll over to ponder that subject in the morning..
Ok, It's been some time now, and although I have not found my box of misplaced (now totally lost), bunnies, eggs and chicks, I am moving on...
I have also realized that I need a calendar.. no, not one on my phone. I need a real live paper version of a calendar.. the visual kind that's in your face to remind you of up and coming events.. and how those up and coming events are only days away.. speaking of which, as I take a break from my sewing,  I am making bunnies... as noted above, I seem to be obsessed with the four legged fellas right now, and now, I'm back to the calendar thing... oh gheez, is Easter really only a week away????
Ok, the long and short of this .... we will be having our Annual Spring Web Update:
                                            Tuesday, April 15th, 5pm Central time..

And guess what????   we will be show casing our new line of, you guessed it... bunnies... and of course,


  1. I do hope all those little bunnies have not hopped away. I'm sure they will turn up just after Easter!!!!
    Hugs Kay

  2. Pat I think how wonderful you have moved, very brave and leaving your land, I know you loved it. But there are always new things to discover when you move yes? and close to your gals can't get any better than that
    happy summer days ahead for youxxx