Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday this first week of March..

Putting the inevitable off for a few days by finally finishing this old quilt top that I've had forever.  My dear friend back in Michigan runs a small quilting business out of her home. Last summer I dropped this old quilt top on her doorstep. No hurry I said.. and last week, it reappeared on my doostep. What a great surprise, and just in time to wrap myself up in it's beauty and warmth.  I have almost finished sewing on the binding... It's a lovely thing, right?  I found the quilt top about 20 years ago at my favorite outdoor market, and it has been neatly tucked away in my closet of old... funny how moves make you face your demons.. and with that comment, and in the same breath, please take note that I have not exactly jumped in to my temporary studio space with great gusto...things are still piled high and I really must get "with it"...  there's no time like the present, right?????   maybe today....


  1. The quilt top is wonderful! Americana like. Love it!
    I think you are in MN now (me too) and this sunshine today feels so good! The birds are actually singing outside. Could it be that we will see an end to this? lol
    Have fun playing in your studio. Soon you'll be able to open a window...maybe. :)

  2. Hi Erica, ahh yes, this break in the weather is such a welcome relief! Being in Mn hasnt been for the faint of heart!

  3. Yes, Pat, moving does bubble up undone projects! When we moved to our farm, I organized, finished undone projects in the house we were leaving and simplified. Hmmm, think I should pretend to move again...could use some motivation! Love the quilt...and your bears!

  4. Pat, nothing like being in the right place at the right time, your quilt is a real beauty. I love that red. It is indeed very patriotic. Maybe a little sunshine will help get you motivated to finish your studio. I have so many projects to do to and for some reason winter is not my best time of year to get motivated. Looking forward to seeing some updated pictures when you get settle.