Tuesday, January 28, 2014

getting started...

The studio is still is shambles as we moved the computer out to make more room for creativity.. That said, there are stacks of boxes and bins everywhere..  This is my 1st attempt in preparing for one of my favorite
times of year. I love Valentine's Day. Yes, I do.. with all it's hearts and flowers.. what's there not to love about LOVE I say?  I have been caught up in my love affair with dogs and of course birds.  I have been missing my birds from Michigan and hoping that they are being cared for in this harshest of winters. We set up a bird feeder here, but havent seen the vast numbers that I was hoping for...
Back to moving, sorting and a little dyeing of more roving..
Stay warm everyone. Hasn't this been the craziest of winters???  I can hardly wait for some "good news " from Mr groundhog and then onto Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Valentine's Day is my favorite celebration too....just such a pure, sweet day! Sounds like your unpacking is going well...and spring will be so well received this year!

    Love your puppy!

  2. Thanks Kari.... Hope you're doing well. We should arrange a get together when the weather clears.. I'm in Stillwater..