Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A little shopping fun ...

 I think that perhaps Paul, Jody and I were as excited about shopping the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Mrkt as we were coming out to see all our friends.. Jami Santos (next to Jodi -Jodi's the one with the biggest smile on her face), and Nancy Michler are two of our dearest friends.  They take us everywhere, and love antiquing almost as much as we do. We love that they take time off from work to play.. The Flea Market was chocked full of fleas, but we did find some noteworthy treasures..
 This was my "find" of the year.. Just when you tell yourself that you "need" nothing else, you come across a certain treasure. This is a Black Forrest piece that I had never seen before. Black Forrest were made in Germany and Switzerland and many were souvenir pieces made into sewing, and desktop items.. Those are the ones that I can afford. They also made huge hall trees with exquisite carvings, but I would need to win the lottery or to sell my first born.  This one is missing it's ink bottle, but I like it with the little carved ball that I just happened to have. My great grandfathers old pen (with his name inscribed on it) looks is perfect.
Paul and Nancy spent alot of time in this wonderful booth. I had to leave before I got into trouble.. the booth was chocked full of antique trims from Europe and it was certainly a feast for the eyes, and hard on your wallet.
 This little treasure went home with Jody.. Please Jody, remember to  put a post it- note on it with my name should you  you have any second thoughts.. My blue eyes are still green... Oh, the fun we had.. I'm still smiling...

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  1. Oh such fun! I can only imagine your wonderful day & trip to CA!
    Love your amazing find!