Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhogs Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An early spring is on the way, according to groundhog "Punxsutawney Phil." When the Pennsylvania groundhog emerged from his dwelling at Gobbler's Knob on Feb 2, 2013, he did not see his shadow.
•NO SHADOW: 'Punxsutawney Phil' Predicts Early Spring
Yup, can you believe, me and the groundhog have come outta hiding.... I do believe that my brain goes to sleep after the holidays, only to return when the robins (yes, they're here in Michigan), and bluebirds return.
So what has everyone been up to?
I've been cleaning, ugh
and sorting,  yipee
and walking in the snow..hmmm
 and oh yes, sitting by the fire with a
good cuppa tea. +


  1. We don't have ground hogs in Australia, so who knows what our weather will be.
    I would join you for a cuppa if I lived closer.

  2. Well Kay, you're not missing anything by not having those ground have other fun little fellas for sure. you're always welcome for a cuppa tho.. thanks for stopping by....

  3. I think I can speak for many and say that we are glad that the robins and bluebirds have wakened you from your hibernation. We can't wait to hear of your adventures. Enjoy your culpa...Jody

  4. Good to see you back!! I would love to come visit and enjoy a cuppa! You could teach me how to knit!

  5. Happy New Year Tammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'd be glad to show you how to knit.. I've been knitting overalls.. they're so tiny, and pretty fun.