Friday, August 3, 2012

The road to a friend"s house is never long....

We took a road trip to Atlanta last month for our niece's wedding... and WHO else lives there... well, none other than my good friend Jody Battaglia.. It was such a quick trip, and we had such a sweet time. I wished we could have stayed longer. Here are just a few lovelies for you to enjoy, and I do mean ,this is just a small sampling of her treasures. Jody's mischeivious little flower girls So many great displays..
Did I mention that Jody has never met a solidier that she didnt like?
And then there are all the little "woodens" so artfully displayed.. these are in her kitchen.
If she hadnt checked my pockets before we left, these guys may have found their way to Michigan.. Thanks once again Jody. We had SUCH a great time!


  1. are too kind. I wish you and Tom could have stayed longer so we could have played with all of my toys. Thank you for the shout-out...

  2. I love the photos you took of Jody's collections. She really has some fun stuff.... great eye candy too. :0)

  3. Hello Pat...

    See you stopped by the Hixton Antique Mall!

    Love the pictures of Jody's displays!