Saturday, March 10, 2012

taking a break..

Great Horned Owl..
Screech Owl... If you've never heard one, you're in for a treat!
Barred Owl..
Barn Owl.
We went to an Owl Watch last nite at a local nature center.. Yes, we learned about owls, and then walked around in the dark trying to call some wild ones in... It was a beatutiful moon-filled,star -lit night, but we didnt see or hear any wild owls.. It was much fun, and a well needed break. Now, back to my studio.. Thought you all would enjoy having an owl sighting that was easier than walking aound in the deep dark woods on a very chilly nite.....


  1. Hello Pat...I listened to the screech owl song...nice beat...but difficult to dance to...Have silly screeching fun, Jody

  2. Beautiful owls. Sounds like it was fun adventure.

  3. I love owls...these are beautiful. :0)