Saturday, February 25, 2012

this week in the studio

who doesnt love the colors of spring?
I've been hoarding this vintage spotted fur for so long. It will become 3 vintage spotted rabbits... I went to my favorite paper store this week.. It's a fabulous place. Hollander's is a landmark in Ann Arbor. I took several box making classes there a few years ago,.. thought I'd give it another try. The boxes are cardboard covered with amazing papers.. Dont you think some felted guys will look sweet in them? I also dyed up so many great colors this week.. These guys will be small vintage looking bunnies, and the lavender felt..well, who knows.


  1. Hello Pat...You are inspired...I can't wait to see what you create. Love the colors and the spotted fur.
    Have silly "Winter is almost over" fun, Jody

  2. I'm loving all the colors!!. Pat, the Lavender is beautiful!!

  3. What do you have covering the boxes? Is it paper, vintage paper, or is it fabric? They caught my eye right away.

  4. Hi Len,
    The boxes are covered withthese amazing papers.. some are part linen, some part silk and bamboo.. check them out. I've added the link..

  5. OH PAAAT,

    I'm agast at the wonderfulness of your bluebird Tea Room sign.
    I think I might have a pair nesting in the tile roof nextdoor. hoping hoping they bring in thier furniture and settle in.